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  • How long do I have to use each tour after purchase?
    Once a tour has been purchased from our website, affiliate reseller or the app store, you have a minimum of twelve months of access. Certain offers may have a shorter time period - where this is the case, this will be clearly stated before purchase and on your tour information. Once a tour route has been downloaded, it stays on your device until you delete it. You can open, close and repeat the tour as many times as you like regardless of where the tour was purchased from. Tours are not transferable across devices or users - but if you've had an "oops" moment, contact us, and we'll make it right for you.
  • How does a Stories Unseen tour work?
    You visit the locations on the tour, led by a virtual Stories Unseen tour guide on your mobile device. Each purchase provides a digital download of your specified tour. Everything that you need for your adventure is downloaded to your mobile device - tour commentary, maps, stop information, historical images, immersive experiences, and hospitality recommendations - in a neat, easy-to-navigate package.
  • Do you offer discounts for groups?
    Yes - group discounts are automatically applied when adding more than 2 tickets for the same tour when purchasing via our website. For larger groups, please contact us directly for bulk pricing. We provide special event guides and codes to make it easy to get your guests ready to party.
  • When can I do a Stories Unseen tour?
    Stories Unseen tours are on demand - you get to decide when you want to do the tour. Your tour starts automatically when you arrive at the start point listed in the Stories Unseen app.
  • How do I share Stories Unseen with my tribe?
    Stories Unseen tours can be completed solo, in small groups, or in large groups. Purchased access via the Dark Story store - you can share your access code emailed to you with up to five devices of any type. Purchased access via the App Store - you can share with up to five iOS OR Android devices using the family sharing feature. Not on the same family-sharing plan? Contact our support team and we'll send you a special access code. Large groups - If you are planning an event, you are welcome to contact us for our Event Manager Kit to ensure that the day runs smoothly. We recommend booking access to hospitality venues in advance during peak periods, such as during late November and December.
  • Why choose Stories Unseen?
    We love adventuring like a local! All of our tours are developed in partnership with locals. This means every tour showcases hidden gems that you won’t find about reading online. We’re done the legwork so that you don’t have to. Whether you are looking for things to do in Perth or Adelaide, a guide to Western Australia or South Australia, walking or driving maps, places to eat, or want to know more about Australia’s culture, heritage and history, Stories Unseen has got everything you need for a great day out. We’ve already: - scouted for the most scenic route. - visited every point of interest. - eaten at every one of our hospitality recommendations. - scoured the history books – and connected with the local historians. - raided the historical archives And… we tested and re-test every tour. The best part is that you choose when you go - and how long to spend at each point of interest.
  • Can I share my experience with others?
    Yes! That’s exactly why we’ve created our filters and immersive experiences. They are built using the Meta environment (IG and Facebook) so that you can easily share on your own social media channels. The easiest way to view these all at once is via the Stories Unseen (Dark Stry) Instagram account.
  • How do I download the Stories Unseen app?
    Get Dark Stry on your phone or tablet by downloading it from the App Store – Apple or Android. You can A. Head to B. Search ‘Stories Unseen’ in your App Store (Google Play or Apple iTunes).
  • How do I know that Stories Unseen is safe to use?
    Our tours within Perth's CBD are monitored by over 650 closed-circuit security cameras monitored by Citywatch 24 hours a day Each Dark Stry route has been walked or driven multiple times, at different times of the day, by our team members to check: ✔️ Good lighting ✔️ Low anti-social behaviour ✔️ All markers in correct locations ✔️ Directions clear to someone who hasn't visited the area previously There is also safety in numbers - we offer discounts for tours completed by two or more people. If you feel unsafe at any time in the City, you can call 131 444 if you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others. While we can't remove the risk of the unexpected, we encourage our adventurers to share any bad experiences with us so that we can adjust each tour appropriately.
  • Can I do Stories Unseen with my family?
    Yes! Each tour has a different rating aligned to the classification framework to help inform what is right for your family. Here’s a few considerations: Enterprising Women – this is “PG” well suited for families, and we hear that mothers and daughters love doing it together. For sensitive audiences, we recommend skipping stops 4 (Brothel Madam) & 5 (Sly Grog Seller). The linger longer stops on this route are either alcohol-free or provide alcohol-free options. Boom-and-Bust – this is “PG” with mild adult themes. The linger longer stops on this route feature a mix of small bars and premium hotels that are less suited to families. For families, we recommend bringing a picnic to finish in Supreme Court Gardens (right near the Bell Tower). Murder-and-Macabre – this is “M”. This tour contains a number of adult themes but does not include explicit descriptions of violence. Perth Historical Pub Crawl – this is “MA” recommended for 18+ users. We note that many of the larger venues featured on this tour are often frequented by parents with prams (we’d love to hear your recommendations!) Driving tours – designed as “PG” so that they can be played regardless of who is in the car
  • Are Stories Unseen tours appropriate for all abilities?
    Our walking and driving tours cater for: * Deaf and low hearing - all audio narration is also available as a written transcript * Limited mobility - the self guided nature of our tours means that you can complete walking tours at your own pace, including over multiple days, as our tours are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase Our ATIC Accessiblity Assessment provides further details regarding the accessibility of our tours. Additional disability types can be catered with some adaptions to our driving tours. Please do not hesitate to contact our team to help craft an adventure that caters to your specific needs. Our team includes a qualified, experienced support worker that specialises in using technology to support, empower and engage disadvantaged people.
  • Do I need mobile internet to do a Stories Unseen tour?
    No! Stories Unseen tours can be easily downloaded to your device using WIFI before you depart. Just click the 'Start Tour' button and your content will download automatically. Perth walking tours - Perth offers free public WIFI service should you forget before you depart Pinnacles driving tour - Lancelin Visitor Centre offers free public WIFI, as well as several hospitality venues on the route. Immersive content - our immersive experiences use the Meta platform, which means internet is required to access. This includes one feature on our Enterprising Women's tour, three on our Murder & Macabre tour, and four on our Perth to Pinnacles tour.
  • Which hospitality venues do you feature on your tours?
    All bar, cafe, and restaurant recommendations on Stories Unseen tours are curated - we are regularly road-testing the best along each tour route. We aim to offer a mix of venues at different price points for each tour, as well as self-catering options. We do not accept advertising revenue so you can be confident in the quality and independence of our recommendations.
  • Can you create a Stories Unseen tour for my region or business?
    Yes! Tell us where to go 🤣 We're currently expanding into several locations across Australia. We build tours in a few different modes: > Collaborations - co-branded tours in which our team provide content ($$$), or you provide the content ($). These tours appear in the Collabs section of the Stories Unseen app. > Partnership - we build together using the Stories Unseen brand under a profit-sharing agreement where sufficient sales volume is expected. These tours appear in the Tours section of the Stories Unseen app. > White label - we build experiences using your brand and tour/s. We can provide ongoing support and maintenance, or handover to your team to manage. Please contact us to explore whether your region or product is a good fit for our strategy. Our love of codeless technology makes us an extremely competitive option due to our low ongoing support and maintenance charges.
  • Can I still do Stories Unseen if I don't drink alcohol?
    Yes! Our linger longer options are add-ons to each stop - all of our content can be enjoyed without stepping foot in a licenced premises. To choose the right tour for you, you should consider: · Enterprising Women – the linger longer stops on this route are either alcohol-free or provide alcohol-free options. · Boom-and-Bust – The linger longer stops on this route are not directly linked to the tour. This tour is well suited to self-catering, bring a picnic to finish in Supreme Court Gardens (right near the Bell Tower). · Murder-and-Macabre – This tour is well suited to self-catering, bring a picnic to finish in Supreme Court Gardens (right near the Bell Tower). · Perth Historical Pub Crawl – while the name might suggest lots of drinking, the stories and architecture can still be enjoyed from the outside! · Driving tours – please don't drink and drive!
  • Which Stories Unseen tours are best for celebrations?
    Stories Unseen has been used for unique birthday parties and celebrations. We recommend our Historical Pub and Murder-and-Macabre tours for larger groups. These tours are specifically structured so that attendees can use as much – or as little – of the historical content as they feel. The factoids make for interesting discussions and the in-app navigation makes it easy for everyone to find the next venue should your group get split for any reason. Our tours can be completed either with or without headphones to make them more interactive. With larger groups, we find that the majority will skim the short-form stories and play with the immersive content. We find that there’s a few history buffs in every group who want to listen to the full commentary at each stop because they don’t want to miss a thing. During peak periods, we recommend booking hospitality venues ahead of time to ensure that large groups can be accommodated or visiting off-peak. Our Historical Pub, Murder-and-Macabre and Boom-and-Bust tours are well suited to be completed as a Saturday or Sunday “session” that typically does not require forward bookings. And we love the City in Winter! Contact us for bulk discounts - we provide special event guides and codes to make it easy to get your guests ready to party.
  • Will I see West Australian wildflowers?
    The wildflowers in Western Australia are seasonal - and flower at different times from year to year. Chasing wildflower season? Keep an eye on our socials to find out what is flowering where. We recommend the Nilgen Reserve on our Perth to Pinnacles tour as the best place to see what's flowering in Kwongan country via the Indian Ocean Drive. Returning to Perth via the Brand Highway from Cervantes offers an opportunity for a canola selfie (but never step in the farmer's field!). The Gingin Cemetary is a famous location to see rare kangaroo paws. Traveling outside of wildflower season? Check out our wildflower immersive experiences to see what to expect! Want an overnight experience? Check out our sister accommodation business, Mather Farm, located in the Central Wheatbelt. We're always happy to tell you what is flowering in and around Kellerberrin. The Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre maintains a list of what is flowering when, and where across the region.
  • How did Stories Unseen start?
    Previously known as Dark Stry, Stories Unseen started as a response to how empty Perth's CBD felt post pandemic in February 2022 by co-founders Damien Fitzpatrick and Erin Clark. At the time they lived fulltime in Perth's CBD, spending their free time exploring the City's vibrant hospitality and arts scene, and were frustrated at the demise of many of their favourite restaurants and cafes. Having travelled extensively, Damien and Erin's favourite thing to do when they are travelling is to do walking tours. They wanted to get people back out and exploring but couldn't find a good alternative. So, they created one. The tourism and hospitality sector today faces a different challenge – how to delight tourists amid rising costs and worker shortages. Popular tourism destinations are increasingly crowded, while lesser-known destinations struggling to attract high-yield travellers. These independent travelers want to become more knowledgeable, seeking destinations are that considered 'cool' with authentic local cultural experiences. Stories Unseen's reason for being remains the same – creating connections that activate forgotten places and experiences.
  • Can you speak at my event?
    Yes! We love sharing our passion for all things technology, tourism and diversity. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Erin Clark, regularly speaks and presents on the Stories Unseen adventure. Erin is a technology commercialisation specialist who is focused at the intersection of strategy, marketing and product development. She has successfully launched multiple new technology-enabled products and services to market across the Asia Pacific region. She is a passionate storyteller, trained journalist, and codeless software advocate. When she's not running Stories Unseen, she runs The Exchange Collective, a technology consultancy. Erin has a BA (Media & Communications), a Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management, and a Master of Business Administration. She was a 2020 Women in Technology WA (WITWA) Tech [+] 20 Award Winner, and regularly mentors women and university students looking to grow their careers in non-traditional industries.
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